Monday, February 1, 2010


I officially hate Amazon.
Wow. Really?
So, I tried to buy the Star Trek Online lifetime subscription. I only really can pay for one monthly MMO at a time, and STO attracted my attention, so it made the most sense - just a really expensive, 1 time purchase game. However, when STO says 'offer available until February 1st', they actually mean 'offer available until when we feel like it, or more the retailers who we don't actually keep in contact with so if you really want to buy it now then you're just out of luck'. They wouldn't give me a pre-order code after many calls and emails... eventually leading to one individual telling me that they can't give out the pre-orde codes until TOMORROW. Which, seeing as the lifetime subscription offer ends tomorrow, doesn't make much sense.

Why didn't he just order it like a week ago? What an idiot.
Well, seeing as this situation still stands, I am off to go get Dragon Age. Take that, Cryptic.

EDIT: Well, I still dislike Amazon for being stupid about things, but Cryptic pulled through for me! Yay! They bumped up my account to pre-order status, and I purchased it then. Whew. Go Cryptic.

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