Saturday, October 30, 2010

An Ode to a Daniel Serbicki

I nearly forgot! When I began this blog, I promised that I would write an ode to the first person to comment here. So, in such accordance, here is my 'Ode to Daniel Serbicki':

O Daniel, the wisest of all wond'rous ones, 
who notes the anachronisms of a Psychic Turban, 
may you feel beneath the warmth of the plaintive suns,
and ne'er feel the force of the Crab's hammer of ban. 
Picture a ninja upon a space station of gold
with none but his trusted aids, a raptor and a tornado, 
and can raze the world with a single Knaakian spell.
Who counts among his ranks Saurfang the old,
Norris, Crowley. Try to imagine this, then, so
that you might see the man who wants to be Daniel.

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