Monday, January 4, 2010


Now, I was going to write another 'Questes' today, on what I think personally is the second best quest in the game. However, my excitement to do so was significantly diminished by the overwhelming power that two wonderfully epic pieces of art had on me. As such, you better go read/watch them. Within 17 minutes of your reading this. Seriously.

Lord of the Clans

Personally, I think this is the best book ever written in the world of Azeroth. Seriously, Golden really hit it this time. Of course, Thrall is in fact one of the coolest characters in the entire everness-ness, but really, go read this. You won't be disappointed. Well-versed ones among you may notice this to be a significant ripoff off of a number of different sources (not discluding one of the planet of the apes's) , but it is brilliantly done. Also, it's a great lead-in to Warcraft 3, and sets up a real backstory to the entire orc campaign. Without it, you may not ever even have heard of Drek'thar, or Grom's inner demons... even the entire clan of Forstwolf and Warsong still play into the world as we know it today. In other news, it really makes the Horde look justified in hating the humans. (Also, if you've read or will read Golden's other, more current work - Arthas: Rise of the Lich King - you'll appreciate the subtle nods she casts in its direction.)

It's based off of a never released Warcraft Adventure game, dubbed by the same name as the book, and promised to be interesting indeed (though it probably would not have done the story justice). You can pick it up for like 4-8$ from any local bookstore that sells it, or off of Amazon, and unlike Mage-lord Urom says, it is definitely worth your time.


If you haven't heard of Avatar, then you are either from some twisted demonic realm or perhaps have just been running random heroics for about two weeks straight. Either way, sprint as fast as you can to a local cinema (or find one here). I cannot do it justice to describe its brilliance. So I will simply say, it is Epic incarnate and shall change how science fiction in portrayed in theaters for years to come. It takes a simple, understandable plot, shows it magnificently, and.. and... I really can't put it into words. Just go see it. Now. NOW.

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