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Questes : Class Quests

This is sort of a stand-in for all of the class quests out there. If you are lucky enough to be graced with a really cool, class-specific quest, you better do it. No question. These are those defining factors that tie classes together, that prove your mark as a real (fill in your class here); these are the quests that people hold as some of their highest accomplishments in the game. I'll jot them out here. (In addition to the ones listed, each class - bar DKs - has a quest that brings them to do a specific thing in the Sunken Temple. Some are more interesting than others, but the dungeon's pretty fun, and I'd suggest doing it at some point. Very soloable nowadays.)

  • Death Knight: Sorry, all you get is the starting zone quests. Well, not sorry, actually, because this is the most polished zone in the game. But no active seeking of quests for you.
  • Druid: The Seal Form quest is a bit of a trial of patience. It's one of the defining factors of a druid, in that it made a ton of people change classes right at level 16. Annoying, yet relieving, that they dropped it a few patches ago. The real gem is the Epic Flight form quest: see below.
  • Hunter: The Ancient Petrified Leaf is your epic quest. Very cool from the looks of things - I haven't yet gotten to try it with my hunter.
  • Mage: No really epic quests (sorry). You do get a quest that teaches you Polymorph Pig, though.
  • Paladin: Lucky bum, you get two! Sorry, got. First, along with Warriors, you could craft one Quel'Serrar - sister blade to Quel'Delar. Buuut with level 80 Onyxia, the quest was removed. Sorry. However, you still get the very very cool Paladin Charger chain, which I highly urge you to do.
  • Priest: Benediction. Do it.
  • Rogue: Ravenholdt! It's a faction, I know - but it's YOUR faction. Some rogue-specific quests are around there too.
  • Shaman: You have an epic quest for a Helm, which is kinda cool. Not very long, not as amazing as others, and no Alliance equivalent. However, you do have a quest for each of your totems (no longer necessary), which are worth doing.
  • Warlock: Three! Three whole class defining quests. In addition to a quest for each Demon. Lucky. First are the two demon quests a large number of people skip: the Infernal, and the Doomguard. Next is one of the coolest quests that I have done, and that's the Warlock Epic Mount chain. Really dead annoying if you do it to get your first epic mount (as I did), but still annoying even now. But the annoyance is far overshadowed by the pure, unadulterated awesome that exudes from it.
  • Warrior: Cool level 40 quest where I still remember being awed at the sheer size of the wind elemental. Also, the quests for stances are neat. No level 60 quest since Quel'serrar was removed, though. Sorry.

Of course, as you may have realized, I still have to cover a quest here. Obviously, I will cover the magnificent Druid's Epic Flight Form quest.

Who can do it?
Unfortunately, only Druids can do the Druid epic flight form quest. Oddly enough. Never understood the reasoning behind it. Also, you need to be level 70 and honored or higher with the Lower City (so you can enter heroic Auchindoun instances).
Also, you need to have both regular and epic flight training. This costs a hefty amount of gold - 4 to 5k, depending upon your reputation. You get the regular flight training at 60 for next to nothing, so it's not really an issue. I farmed up this gold during BC by grinding eternal water around skettis - the easiest way to get gold now is to quest at max level and do dailies - professions are also a viable option. However, to obtain swift flight form, you do need to already have purchased artisan flying - unlike the other mount chains.

Where to begin...
To start the chain, just talk to any druid trainer, and they'll give you a quest to go talk to a druid in the Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh. The easiest gut to talk to, though, is an old Druid in Moonglade by the name of Loganaar. Just teleport to Moonglade (Remember that spell? Yeah? you get to use it now! Woo!), and accept his quest - and you're on your way.

How do I do this nao plox kthxbai?
Of course, there's a brilliant guide once again at Wowwiki. You can always check the pages for each specific part of the chain on wowhead as well. In fact, I seem to be saying that alot, and I could probably just nix this section. Whatever.

Roxxorz Lootzorz!
This quest used to have the best loot for any druid in the game. That loot is the spell 'Swift Flight Form'. An instant cast, while moving, mount that gives you all the usual bonuses of shapeshifting - including the ability to pick herbs. However, no longer. You can now train this spell at level 71, and the quest has faded into oblivion. However, there are a few other notable and still useful rewards in the chain.
Firstly, as with most of these quests, you get a great deal of reputation - this time with the Cenarion Expedition, useful for grinding keys for old roics, or getting exalted for your Hippogryph. Also, you get 100g.
Next, you get a dead useless trinket. It used to act as a riding crop for swift flight form, increasing flight speed by 10%, but no longer. It is now, essentially, useless. Undisenchantable. Not even sellable. Even the vendors know how useless it is.
Later, you get a marginally useful idol. I don't do much of my levelling in form, but for ferals and the odd non-healing straight boomkin-form leveller, it can last you through the first couple levels of Northrend. Otherwise, DE or sell it.
Lastly, and much more importantly, you get a very, very important key. The only way of getting this key, the Essence-Infused Moonstone, is either from a quest in this chain or a repeatable quest you an get after the fact. It summons an extra boss, Anzu, inside of Heroic Sethekk Halls. Now, this is just an ordinary boss... But he is no ordinary boss! He has a chance to drop a highly coveted mount - The Reigns of the Raven Lord - which, though the drop frequency is quite small, looks totally awesome.
Lastly, you get a Feat of Strength. Woo!

Why am I bringing this up an expansion too late?
Firstly, this is one of the most epic quests in ever. No, really. Solo boss fights encompassing all druid forms, thrilling heroics, an awesome aqueous chase... it's brilliant. Also, it's a unique experience for Druids alone, and so us ardent followers of Alamo are brought all the closer together.

However, Blizzard has stated that Class-specific quests are going the way of the Captain Placeholder. It's understandable, because only 1/10 of the characters get to actually see the content, but it's definitely a loss - they really tied the classes together. This is the last class quest we may ever see (excluding Hero classes), so it's worth cherishing. It's also relatively soloable nowadays, or at least doable with just the help of one more person. However, the river chase heavily relies upon no flying in Azeroth (and the old, un-hordesymboled Azshara) - it may be that Blizzard lazily waves this quest off as one not to revamp, because nobody's doing it anymore. I... sure hope not. But just in case, dust off that old druid of yours and level him up to 80 (it can't take you long - not with RaF, Heirlooms, Battlegrounds, and Random Dungeons), then go do this quest. You won't want to miss it.

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